Your idea is validated, but your ability to deliver is not there yet? Scaling is not just more of the same, it's where momentous decisions need to be made.

A validated idea often comes with great demand from customers and users. With a clear product vision ahead of us, we can move on from shortcuts everywhere to a more sustainable approach.

Basically, we need to scale everything: the product scope, the technical architecture, and he organization building. We help you to make the difference. Not standing still but constantly moving, validating each delta and building a solid foundation for further growth. Parts of our early increments will stay just like they are, others need to be improved to cope with increasing load, and some need to be rewritten from scratch. In this phase, the future architecture and structures are created. Both need to be more sophisticated than in the validation phase, but still lightweight and flexible.

This is probably already part of your strategy. We help to embed it deeply among all involved parties, driving bottom-up change in your organisation.

How we can help you

Modern Frontend Frameworks

Build websites that stand out using industry-standard frameworks and libraries.


By utilizing managed services in the cloud we help you taking appropriate shortcuts and focus on your current challenge.


Design loosely coupled components with clear responsibilities and interfaces, easy to maintain and replace.


One monolith, or dozens of microservices - seamless development and deployment of containerized services.


Continuous delivery is key to ship changes to production. Using infrastructure-as-code, the deployment of pipelines is equally smooth.

Scaled Agile

We support you in building a development organization that takes the spirit of a single team to the next level.


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