You have an innovative idea, but not yet proven its feasibility? Moving fast, finding shortcuts, and avoiding waste are key factors to success.

An innovative idea is something abstract and quite intangible but it is very important to validate the feasibility early and really make sure that it is something your users are waiting for. There are many obstacles during the validation phase which hinder you from bringing your idea to the market.

The biggest challenge is: Making sure you are going into the right direction, but at the same time moving forward as fast as possible. We help you to make the difference. Not standing still but constantly moving, validating each delta and adjusting your path accordingly. What is built in this phase will be actually used, but parts of it might be replaced later - it's all about validation and moving fast! What will stay in any case is the massive gain of knowledge and experience as well as a mindset change when it comes to Lean Product Development.

This is probably already part of your strategy. We help to embed it deeply among all involved parties, driving bottom-up change in your organisation.

How we can help you


Mockups will help you to visualize the picture you have in your head.


With working prototypes we can make sure we get the feedback from real users as early as possible.


By utilizing managed services in the cloud we help you taking appropriate shortcuts and focus on your current challenge.


We start simple and lean, avoiding the overhead of managing infrastructure and ensuring minimal costs until user traffic takes off.


Continuous delivery is key to ship changes to production. Using infrastructure-as-code, the deployment of pipelines is equally smooth.

Lean Product Development

By always implementing small deltas and validating each step with the help of real data, adjustments and therefore waste is kept as small as possible.


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