Industry: eCommerce
Use-Case: Web Portal & Online Shop
Scope: continuous development of the production system

Initial Situation

We are working on a business-critical platform with a monolithic frontend and slowly but surely outdated technologies. Due to continuously necessary reactions to the market, there is no time for major framework upgrades and similar modernizations. Nevertheless, the software must remain maintainable and the advantages of modern technologies should be used.

Solution Approach

Technical Excellence
framework choice, decoupling of deployments, integration strategy
A/B testing, no blocking rewrite

We decided to split the monolithic frontend into several independent applications. This approach not only allows a free choice of technology, but also the decoupling of development and deployment. New features can also be delivered and evaluated faster and A/B testing is simplified. From a methodological point of view, this architecture allows a minimalist approach, in which only individual parts of the portal are newly developed and modernized. A longer maintenance window for a completely new development is thus completely eliminated.