New Application

Industry: HR
Use-Case: HR software for the entire Reply group
Scope: rewrite as cloud-native application

Initial Situation

Reply uses a monolithic, non-scalable application with obsolete technologies as HR software for the entire Reply Group with over 8000 users. Operation in the cloud is not possible without great effort. As the previous solution was designed for a much smaller load, the application is to be redeveloped with new functionality and modern infrastructure, but retaining the existing back-end systems.

Solution Approach

Technical Excellence
AWS, microservices, CI/CD, responsive webdesign
minimal ops overhead, agile requirements analysis

On this occasion we decided to completely redesign and rewrite the whole system as a cloud-native application using modern technologies and methods. After a quick requirements analysis to identify the first steps in agile working mode, we were able to start designing the new responsive web design and set up a fully automated CI/CD pipeline in AWS. The application is deployed in containers on AWS Fargate and is loosely coupled with the backend systems via SQS.